Cavin Mugarura

Cavin Mugarura

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"A review of Software Applications"

This is going to be a review of various software tools, that a user both Technical or non Technical will find effective in their day to day activities.

For Purposes of this Post, i will start by reviewing Automation Anywhere: Feel free to send your posts or suggestions.

Automation Anywhere


Pricing: $ 695 - 7,000

Platform: Windows

Software Brief: 

Automation Anywhere is an intelligent automation program that enables you to automate complex tasks without any programming. You can either record keyboard and mouse activity or create detailed automation scripts with the help of wizards. The software comes with built-in scheduler, repeat options, multiple variable and debugging support, as well as support for task-chaining, conditional IF statements, file, system and Internet commands. Advanced users can also integrate external scripts within an Automation Anywhere script to automate even more complex tasks.

Good Points

  • This software is very good having used it for three years, i find it a must have utility for anyone with a series of repetitive tasks.
  • The Software has very good technical support
  • Ability to encapsulate tasks and send them via email
  • 3rd party API integration

Bad Points

  • Only runs on Windows
  • Crashes every once in a while, especially for windows intensive tasks. Its always good to use commands for certain processes that do not require the Graphical User Interface
  • Requires Advanced custom programming for several tasks
  • Inability to print scripts or story boards
  • The software has some bugs which can be avoided by custom coding

Brownie points (Out of Ten)


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