Cavin Mugarura

Cavin Mugarura

Friday, September 17, 2010

Workflow Applications - Process Maker

The need to build work flow automation applications, is more than 2 decades old, and several tools have to tried to accomplish this feat. Many programmers will attempt to achieve work flow automation using various programming languages, such as PhP, Java, C or .net 

In this post, i ll review Process Maker, a commercial/Open Source Application. 

ProcessMaker is a simple, cost-effective, open source workflow software solution. Also known as business process management (BPM) software, ProcessMaker helps organizations of all sizes to easily design, automate, and deploy approval-based business processes.


Active forum
Process maker has sample applications
The web based GUI is 
Open source
There is a 30 day Cloud based Trial version
Pentaho Business Intelligence reports
Good Webinars


The community is not yet large
It has no market place similar to the iphone store
The open source version has no reports

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