Cavin Mugarura

Cavin Mugarura

Monday, March 15, 2010

About me

Cavin is a Software Developer, who plays golf on weekends to keep healthy. I was introduced to computing in 1992, by a programmer, who gave me a few tips.

Cavin is conversant with several programming languages, Web Development Tools, Database Management Systems, Network Design, Setup and Configuration, his major interest is in development of Information Systems that are not just efficient but also effective in meeting organizational requirements and objectives.

Cavin is a researcher in ICT for Development.

Selected Publications:

Open Source Software can be the steam engine for Africa
The emerging role of Open Source Software in e Learning
I.T. Strategies for Micro Finance Institutions
A web based Decision Support System for Agriculture
Analysis of e Agriculture initiatives in India


Master of Science Information Systems: 2004
Management of IT Projects (ITIL) 2003
Bachelor of Computer Science: 2002


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